NCAA Football – Expert predictions for 2006

August 25th, 2006 by siteadmin Leave a reply » – NCF/PREVIEW06 – Expert predictions for 2006. Well the tigers continue to receive more media and I really hope this does not hurt us this season. ESPN has posted their expert predictions for this year and many of them have Auburn going to the BCS Title Game. With this being my senior year here at Auburn University that would be great. While I have already been able to enjoy Auburn’s recent football years, I really hope that the 2006 season will make its place in Auburn Football history. It seems like the closer to the season kickoff we get the higher in the rankings Auburn is going. I know we have gotten ourselves too excieted in the past due to high rankings, but I do not think that Auburn will make this same mistake twice. I am confident that Tommy Tuberville will have us ready for what is to come over the next few months.


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