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October 17th, 2006 by siteadmin Leave a reply » is the first global sports financial exchange in which performance based sports stocks are traded. When a trade is executed half the commissions are put in to the dividend reserve. When teams compete part of the dividend reserve goes to the winning team (% depends on team rankings). Then dividends are paid to the winning team stock owners. This is a simple concept to understand and if you know your sports well you can easily profit using this system.Does this sound like a great program to promote? With so many sportsbooks closing down their doors to U.S. customers ASM’s affiliate program is a great new alternative.

About AllSportsMarket’s Affiliate Program:

  • $10.00 for every new paid customer signup
  • 20% of the trade commissions for the life of that customer
  • $5.00 for every new paid customer referred by your sub-affiliates
  • 10% of the commissions of your sub-affiliates’ customers
  • $50.00 bonus on 25th paid customer signup
  • $100.00 bonus on 50th paid customer signup
  • Option to become a licensed broker after your 100th customer signup
  • Brokers get a seat on the exchange with their own symbol, company name, logo, advanced trading options, and more.

I have just recently added ASM to promote on my websites. I used to use online CPA programs which paid out much higher, however this program is $10 + 20% of trade commissions for life! So far I am really happy with the results which is why I am now promoting this affiliate program.

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