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Shula Fired

November 27th, 2006

Well – I am very surprised that Alabama actually fired Coach Mike Shula officially this morning.  While he has never beat Auburn, he did not do a terrible job while coaching at Alabama.  I do not have much time to type right now but I would suggest catching a replay of the press conference held today which I thought was very interesting.  Anyway – War Damn Eagle and whoever does end up coaching Alabama next year will have to fear hand #2 when Alabama faces us here at Jordan Hare.

Loss of $X,XXX Due To New Gambling Legislation

November 1st, 2006

Well….it looks like I am going to get screwed on all the current revolving revenue I have earned from casino affiliates since the last payment cycle. Due to the new legislation the United States passed, my primary affiliate accounts with sportsbooks & casinos are shutting down their U.S. programs. I can only hope that I will see this money but I really doubt it. One program in particular currently has my revenue over $1000 for the month all generated from my website. This is a very large sum of money to a poor college student like myself and most likely all I will get to show for it will be a screenshot! While I personally believe US citizens will find a way to gamble online, it really sucks that the programs I have been promoting are closing their doors to the US (at least for now). Other online casinos and sportsbooks are waiting to see what happens before they close their doors to the U.S. Anyway, only time will tell the true story. As for now I am planning on heading to the casinos in Philadelphia, MS to hopefully win some money. On my last visit to The Golden Moon Casino I found myself down to my last $300 I had taken with me the morning I was checking out. I went down to the tables for one last go and quickly cashed out $1000 for a net win on the trip. Maybe I will continue to have good luck there as my luck online is not looking so great right now…Time to start hitting the drawing board for some non-gambling affiliate websites now.