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Penny Stocks

January 31st, 2007

I have recently been browsing around the internet researching various penny stocks. One website which I came across is
The MySpace for the Penny Stock investor!  I found this site to be very informative and appears to be rapidly growing.  I suggest that if you are interested in stocks that you check out this new & upcoming website.  They have a great layout and the site is easy to navigate.  Membership is free for you to join and read up on all of their latest articles.  The site has been around for several years already and I would predict it will be around for many more years to come.  Learn everything from the basics to advanced concepts of penny stocks.  This post has been sponsored by PayPerPost.

Auburn vs Florida NCAA Basketball Sat. Night

January 26th, 2007

I am looking forward to the game Saturday night since Auburn was able to pull out an amazing victory over Alabama this past Tuesday night.  Beating the Tide by over 20 points has helped generate some great fans for Auburn (which generally does not have a great basketball following).  Taking on the #1 ranked Florida this weekend will be no easy challenge, however the game is at home and hopefully Auburn have another great crowd like they did against Alabama to help cheer the team to victory.  War Damn Eagle!


Wirefly Review

January 18th, 2007

If you are in the market for a new cell phone provider then you need to check out Wirefly Mobile. I recently was in the market for a new phone and since I was out of contract I did not mind signing a new 2 year contract if I were to find a good enough reason to do so. Wirefly is able to offer consumers some excellent deals that you will not find at most if any retail cell phone stores. Check out the link above to see some of their current promotions. Browse through all of their phones (many even come with a free bluetooth headset!) that are available at great prices! I would recommend that you at least take a look at what the company has to offer as they seem to offer a phone for everyone’s needs and at an affordable price. This post has been sponsored through

Wet Hot American Summer

January 17th, 2007

Well I just watched Wet Hot American Summer a few minutes ago…Now I do like some really stupid movies, but this movie was simply not that good! While it does have some funny lines/scenes, the movie as a whole has some very weird stuff happening in it that is just too stupid to be funny. As always be sure to sign up for Blockbuster Online if you are not already a member – you get unlimited monthly rentals with no late fees for a very low monthly charge! So even when you rent a movie like Wet Hot American Summer you do not feel like it was a waste of money!