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PayPerPost is Great!

May 19th, 2007

I have been using PayPerPost for a few months now and absolutely love them! Although I haven’t used their service as often as I would have liked to, I have made some very easy money. I am currently right at $100 in profits and could be much higher if I just spent a little more time which I plan on doing in the future. I plan on adding a few of my other blogs to my payperpost account and then I will really be able to make some easy money. I have found a few cool blogs that I enjoy reading that are other PayPerPost members websites by being a member of PayPerPost. I highly recommend that if you have a blog then you need to give PayPerPost a try and advertise on blogs. I love their online community and I am able to make some great cash by writing on my blog which I enjoy doing anyways!

Macbook Hard Drive Died…

May 12th, 2007

Well, I had my first ever problem with my Macbook last week. While using it as I normally do, the hard drive decided to quit on me. I quickly went though all the steps that I could find online to try to fix the problem. None of them worked as the computer did not even see the hard drive. Eventually I decided to call Apple and have it fixed under warranty. Luckily I still had about 2 months left on my 1 yr warranty and was able to get everything done for free. Apple next day aired me a box to ship them back my computer in. Once they received my computer (they paid for me to next day it back to them with a pre-paid label) it was back on its way to me in just a few hours! So here is a breakdown of what happened:

Day 1: I called Apple & they sent me a box to ship the notebook to them
Day 2: I sent the box back
Day 3: Apple received my Macbook & repaired it in the same day (even though its a VERY SIMPLE repair to replace the hard drive, I was happy they were able to fix it this quickly)
Day 4: I got the Macbook back with a brand new hard drive!

Although it is a pain to have to reinstall all the software, widgets, etc. that I use, at least I have most of my files backed up on my PC. I lost a few MP3s and a few pictures which is really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Anyway – just thought that I would post about my experience with my macbook’s warranty repair.

Stone Hawk Drug Rehab

May 7th, 2007

The first and most important step for anyone with any form of drug problem is to admit that there is really a problem. Once a person has admitted that they have a true addiction to a drug they need to then begin searching for a rehab center. I have personally had several good friends have to attend drug rehab and have found that drug rehab can help change people’s lives in so many ways. Although there are literally thousands of treatment centers to choose from, Stone Hawk’s facilities have proven to be very efficient and accreditable. You will find with a simple search on Google that there are many success stories all over the internet from people having good experiences with Stone Hawk. I highly recommend that you also do the research and be sure to take the time to visit their website here: Stone Hawk. Not only do they have a good reputation, but they also have a very nice website that is very easy to navigate through and find out information on their facility and services. You can easily request more information from the forms located on their website. Take action today and help yourself or a loved one that has openly admitted that they have a drug problem and contact Stone Hawk.

Windows Mobile 6 Release for T-Mobile Dash

May 7th, 2007

Well – I am really glad that T-Mobile has finally released WM6 for the Dash.  I installed the new build today and so far it seems to be running much better than WM5 did.  This release fixes many of the common problems that the Dash is known for such as dropping incoming calls by pressing the volume strip and also the random alarm problems.  Anyway – I am glad that T-Mobile is the first carrier to release WM6 and although there will most likely be a few bugs, I am sure that this will be much better than WM5 which has had many problems.