Macbook Hard Drive Died…

May 12th, 2007 by siteadmin Leave a reply »

Well, I had my first ever problem with my Macbook last week. While using it as I normally do, the hard drive decided to quit on me. I quickly went though all the steps that I could find online to try to fix the problem. None of them worked as the computer did not even see the hard drive. Eventually I decided to call Apple and have it fixed under warranty. Luckily I still had about 2 months left on my 1 yr warranty and was able to get everything done for free. Apple next day aired me a box to ship them back my computer in. Once they received my computer (they paid for me to next day it back to them with a pre-paid label) it was back on its way to me in just a few hours! So here is a breakdown of what happened:

Day 1: I called Apple & they sent me a box to ship the notebook to them
Day 2: I sent the box back
Day 3: Apple received my Macbook & repaired it in the same day (even though its a VERY SIMPLE repair to replace the hard drive, I was happy they were able to fix it this quickly)
Day 4: I got the Macbook back with a brand new hard drive!

Although it is a pain to have to reinstall all the software, widgets, etc. that I use, at least I have most of my files backed up on my PC. I lost a few MP3s and a few pictures which is really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Anyway – just thought that I would post about my experience with my macbook’s warranty repair.


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