QCA Spa Review

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I was very skeptical of purchasing a QCA Spa (Sold by both Home Depot and Target) due to a lack of information and reviews online. However, after getting some quotes back on well known hot tub brands I decided to make the plunge and order a QCA Spa mainly because it was a good $4000 cheaper than the other quotes I had. It took about 5 weeks after I placed the order for the tub to arrive (which gave me plenty of time to get a proper place setup and ready for the tub). I’ve had the hot tub for 3 months now and couldn’t be much happier! I have already enjoyed using the tub numerous times and would have no problem recommending the QCA brand hot tubs to others, especially first time hot tub buyers. The only thing that I believe that QCA might could do a little better job on is the hot tub’s insulation as it is inferior to many of the other brands I looked at. However being that I live in the south I really do not think it would be worth several thousand more dollars for a little bit more of insulation. When I get a chance I’ll update this post with some pictures of the tub in action!



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