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Tommy Tuberville Farewell

December 23rd, 2008

I will always cherish the years Tommy Tuberville was our coach. Thanks to AUTiger96 for the video.

Bammer Lost their Bowl Game…

December 29th, 2006

Well Alabama was not able to pull off a victory against Oklahoma State.  While I generally root for any SEC team to win their bowl game, I am not very upset to see Alabama lose yet another game this year.  Anyway – Happy New Year Everyone.  And here is a link to a counter of how long it has been since Alabama beat Auburn. 

Shula Fired

November 27th, 2006

Well – I am very surprised that Alabama actually fired Coach Mike Shula officially this morning.  While he has never beat Auburn, he did not do a terrible job while coaching at Alabama.  I do not have much time to type right now but I would suggest catching a replay of the press conference held today which I thought was very interesting.  Anyway – War Damn Eagle and whoever does end up coaching Alabama next year will have to fear hand #2 when Alabama faces us here at Jordan Hare.

Auburn vs Florida 10/14/06

October 15th, 2006
Auburn Florida Game

Here is another awesome picture from the Auburn Florida game this weekend. This is right as the punt is blocked and the ball gets loose for Smith to recover the ball for the touchdown. I do not feel like typing much right now but there is plenty on my mind…The BCS poll was released earlier today for the first time this year having Auburn ranked 4th! While this is great news for all of us we do not need to get ahead of ourselves. There are way too many scenarios to talk about right now as far as Auburn’s destiny is concerned. I really do not give a shit right now – we need to focus on each game we have coming up one week at a time! We need to perform well and have large winning margins against these next few games. Our destiny will unfold for us as long as we stay focused on a game-by-game basis. Once again everyone – War Damn Eagle!