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War Damn Eagle – Auburn defeats #2 Florida

October 15th, 2006
War Damn Eagle!

Well…I am simply happy to leave the game with a victory. While we knocked off Florida from #2, we are going to end up being among many other 1 loss teams this year. As Coach Tommy Tuberville said:
“That’s why we need a playoff. It’s just so unfair to this conference. To go undefeated, it’s got to be a miracle. You’ve got to be lucky, and then everyone’s going to start politicking.”

Anyway – this is a cool picture of Tre Smith on the blocked punt touchdown. War Damn Eagle! I’m looking for some more good pictures from the game so please e-mail me if you have any.

Auburn pulled it out but didn’t cover the spread…

September 29th, 2006

Well… Auburn was able to pull the game out yet again in the 4th quarter.  What I cannot believe is that the defense has kept us in several games this year, particularly the LSU game when our offense was unable to accomplish anything, and they were not up to par tonight.  When Tuberville went for the onside kick in the 3rd quarter I found it an excellent call except that after we recover the kick we had to make a conversion on 4th down.  Then after we make the 4th down conversion Auburn was unable to make any points until 4th and goal!  But the fact of the matter is that we did keep our offense on the field the entire 3rd quarter and South Carolina’s defense stood strong!  While this is the first game that Auburn has not covered the spread when I bet on them (I bet on Buffalo last week as I knew Auburn would not win by 42 points), I am very happy to see the victory for Auburn.  I just hope that the defense comes back for the rest of the season as we still have many strong SEC games left.  War Damn Eagle everyone!

Ready for Auburn vs USC Thursday Night!

September 27th, 2006

Well, after I backed out on going to the game in Columbia, SC this Thursday night all of my professors have cancelled class on Thursday.  Go Figure…I get offered to go decide not to so I can actually go to class and then it gets cancelled.  Anyway I am still looking forward to watching the game Thursday night.  Be sure to check out my betting pick for this game on my Free College Football Picks website.  Auburn is off to a great season so far and if we can keep up the good work I will have a few good trips to look foward to (SEC Championship Game, & whatever bowl game we get).  Thats all for now – War Damn Eagle!

Auburn moves to #2 in AP Poll

September 18th, 2006

Well, Auburn has made it up to the #2 position in the AP poll after our victory against LSU this past Saturday.  This was one of the closest games I have been to lately.  Auburn’s defense kept us in the game the whole first half & also helped us seal the victory at the end of the game.   I had a great time tailgating before the game with the exception of the student section’s gates opening 3 hours before the game!  The previous games opening two hours before the game was already crazy and not fun at all.  I had purchased another Amberbock pony keg for the tailgate and it was not completely finished because we had to go in the game so early and after the game everyone felt like drinking water after sitting in the scorching sun for hours.  We did finish off almost all the beer later Saturday night before heading out to Supper Club.  WAR DAMN EAGLE everyone!