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Debt Consolidation Tips

December 10th, 2005

Credit card consolidation can save you a large sum of money, especially if you have balances on credit cards with high APRs (annual percentage rates). Many people transfer their balances to cards with 0% for 12 months every few years, but what is this accomplishing? While credit card consolidation is not perfect for everyone, it is a great solution to many individuals personal debt problems. Below are some reasons credit card consolidation might be for you.

A debt and bill consolidationand or debt management company is an excellent tool for eliminating debt. These companies have relationships with numerous credit card companies and are able to negotiate much lower interest rates and fees. Moreover, you only have to make one monthly payment! The average individual enrolled in a debt consolidation program becomes debt free in just a few years. It only takes a few months to see huge improvements in the decrease of overall debt.

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