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Casino Trip & Football Game

September 12th, 2006

Well – I went to Philadelphia this past weekend to get some gambling time in and also have time to stop by Starkville for the Auburn vs Mississippi State game Saturday.  I was able to get a few rooms comped by the casino for free for me and my friends to stay in.  While I had told myself I would take it easy on the betting when I first arrived I went straight to the black jack tables and began betting $25 a hand.  I quickly was down a few hundred dollars.  After grabbing a quick bite to eat at so I could save my food comps for a nice dinner for Saturday night I went back to the tables.  I just needed some alcohol in my body in order to change my luck!  I started at $15 a hand and was back to even for the trip after playing for an hour or so.  I wanted to get as many hours of gambling in as possible to build up my comp points.  After stuggling going up and down I went to bed with about $50 winnings.  When I finally got up the next morning around 10:00 I went straight to the tables again.  I quickly lost about $400 and was not happy with myself.  For the rest of the afternoon I watched football games and lost another $250 on sports bets.  It was time for me to win some of my money back!  I tried my luck at the slot machines and lost another $100.  I was down to the last bit of cash that I had brought with me!  I had intentionally left my debit card at home so I would not lose any more money than I took with me.  I got drunk with my friends and went to bed after a nice dinner (compliments of the casino).  The next morning I was going to go home with a little bit of money in my pocket…but then decided to go to the tables for one last try.  I quickly turned $300 in to $1000 in chips and cashed out.  I was a winner for the trip as I had several hundred dollars worth of drinks comped for myself & friends as well as 2 free rooms (one was a suite), & also free food!  I have learned the hard way that once you get up in a casino you need to cash out and get the hell out of town! – Make over $1000 CASH today!

August 24th, 2006

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