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T-Mobile Dash Review

December 10th, 2006

Well, last week I just so happened to drop my Motorola SLVR in the toilet….it did not survive. I have had around 20 different phones over the past 4-5 years and I decided I was ready to try using a PDA phone as I never have in the past. After reviewing all the various carriers and phones currently available I decided to try out T-Mobile’s DASH. I have only had the phone a few days now, however I am very impressed with many features of this phone. I am able to easily check my GMail using the Java gmail app I downloaded which I absolutely love as I need to check my e-mail a few times every hour. While the phone is much larger than what I am used to, it is still very small for its class and has numerous features to go along with it. As of right now I’d give this phone a 8.5/10 rating and will be keeping it until a new phone hits the market that I just have to have.

How E-Mail Travels

December 5th, 2006

An e-mail message is first composed by a user inputting characters to form a message that will be sent to someone.   We will say that the e-mail is composed on a desktop with a wired connection to a DSL modem.  When the mail is generated the software used to generate the message will create a header which is similar to the writing on the outside of a regular mail envelope.  This header contains information such as the origin and destination of the e-mail.  The user must input the recipient’s e-mail address so the computer knows where to send the message.  For the remainder of this paper we will use the example of as an example of the recipient.  This e-mail address is a series of characters which identify an exclusive mailbox to a person who can send and receive electronic mail.

Once the composer has clicked the send button, the message will be transmitted to a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) server.  SMTP is a protocol used to transmit e-mail between two servers.  Most home users will use their ISP’s (internet service provider) SMTP servers.  For example a Bellsouth customer may use as the SMTP server for their outgoing mail.  The software used to send the e-mail will now upload the message that was put in the outbox when the composer pressed the send e-mail button.  The SMTP server will determine the recipient of the e-mail by searching the header of the e-mail.  The server is able to determine that the e-mail is intended for the person with the username “Bob” who has an account on’s SMTP server.  While humans understand, the SMTP server needs an internet protocol (IP) address in order to understand where to send the message.

The SMTP server sends a request to a domain name system (DNS) server asking for the IP address of’s SMTP server.  An IP address serves as a unique identifier on the internet such as a street address does for physical snail mail.  The server returns an IP address such as  The sender’s SMTP server now connects to the SMTP server at using the IP address and sends the e-mail to the account “Bob” on the server.

Now that the recipient’s SMTP server has the message, it must now send the message on to another server usually being a post office protocol 3 (POP3) or internet message access protocol (IMAP) server.  In our case Bob has a POP3 server to which he must connect to in order to download his e-mail.  Bob’s desktop computer is wirelessly connected to the internet using IEEE 802.11, a packet-radio protocol that is also known as Wi-Fi.  Using this protocol, Bob’s computer is able to connect to his wireless router which is connected to his DSL modem so now he has wireless internet.  His e-mail software is able to download his new e-mails by logging in to his POP3 server account using his username and password.

Syntax Olevia 327V Review Update

October 10th, 2006
Update on Syntax Olevia 327V
Syntax Olevia 327V Review

I wrote about this TV several weeks ago when I first purchased it. Now I have had the TV long enough to give a more detailed review. Overall I would give the 327V a 9/10 rating. When watching an HDTV channel this TV is absolutely amazing! I also really enjoy playing Xbox 360 on this tv because the graphics simply are perfect. Another great feature of the 327V is that it weighs in at only 30 pounds including the stand! This makes this TV easy to use for things such as tailgating. I have carried my Syntax 327V to several tailgates this year to watch football on before/after the Auburn games and I will have it setup this weekend to use before the Auburn vs Florida game. It definitely turns heads when we have it setup under our tailgating tent. It has a great contrast ratio of 1600:1 which makes it very easy to view even when it is extremely bright outside. I highly recommend this TV to anyone who is considering purchasing an LCD tv of this size. Having had my Syntax Olevia 327V for a month now I have yet to find anything to complain about

Microsoft Windows Vista RC1 Product Keys

September 14th, 2006

Microsoft has released the product keys for Windows Vista RC1.  To get your key visit this link: Windows Vista Product Keys  You will need a Microsoft Live Login (formally known as a passport account).  Note: Windows Vista RC1 can be installed and activated on up to 10 PCs with one Product Key.  The site looks like shit in Firefox so I would recommend opening it in an IE browser.