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SilverSea’s Silver Shadow Cruise Update

June 7th, 2007

European Baltic Cruise Update: Well, I had a decent flight from Birmingham to Cincinnati to London (Gatwick) even though I was only able to get around one hour of sleep at best.  Once we arrived in London and found our luggage on the carousel we saw a huge line to clear customs…then randomly a security worker asked if we were from the United States and we told him yes.  We were then permitted to bypass the huge line and take a “shortcut” directly out of the airport where we quickly found our driver holding our name on a sign.  It was really weird that we were able to bypass the huge line because almost everyone else that was on our flight from Cincinnati to London was waiting in the line…I guess we just got lucky.  Once we found our driver he helped us load all of our luggage in his van and then we had to decide what we wanted to do since we had a few hours to kill.  We ended up going to see Stonehenge which I did not find to be as great as most people make it out to be, but is still something that I was glad to see in person.  I will try to upload some pictures of it tomorrow.  While I do agree that it is amazing that they were setup thousands of years ago, they are still just a bunch of rocks setup in the middle of cow and sheep fields.  As we continued on we finally arrived to our cruise ship, the Silver Shadow.  So far my only complaint is that they did not have any food/drinks setup for us while we waited to board the ship, however now that we have boarded the ship everything has been very top notch.  Hopefully I will find time to write on my blog everyday I am on the cruise.  I have purchased 1000 minutes of internet use on the Silver Shadow for $250 ($0.25/minute) which is expensive but I’m sure I will use it up quickly and will want it.